[Solved] Airtable showed correctly in ThunkLive but not in app

Hi there guys, hope you are all good.

Everything in the app always worked fine but, from a couple of days on, with no chances at all at the blocks, a table of Airtable stopped working on device - but it’s correctly working on Thunkable Live.

I’ll explain myself better:
This table in the app retrieves values from an Airtable table and it always worked good.
I haven’t done any changes to the blocks, but now there’s always a “loading icon”. It looks like it’s trying to retrieve data but the table doesn’t exist.
The table does exist indeed and no changes have been made in a long time.
The app uses another tables from the same TableID and they all work good.

Are you aware of any issue with Airtable or related?
Literally it makes no sense, i double-checked the blocks and they are fine (even because, as said, the table shows perfectly on Thunkable Live).

Anyone faced the same problem?
It’s particulary urgent as it’s the only table where i am currently providing a service and earning money from.

Here’s the project link, screen name “Screen_Lista_Offerte”, table name “Data_viewer_list13”

Thank you in advance,
Happy Thunking

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We are waiting to fix this issue since 2 days. We opened Same thread as well but no one answered still. I think they will fix it.

Thanks @maurizio.polverini89 - this should be resolved now

Yeah! spot on!
Thank you very much!

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