Datasource - getvalue from Airtable does not display via APK

Hi All,

Have used the project which retrieves the data from airtable via airtable API -datasource block getvalue.

I tested on browser and on Andriod phone… its working but not on APK file.

Sharing the screenshot on the web browser

and on phone

via APK

Could you kindly assist.

Sasi Preetha

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Datasource - getvalue from Airtable does not display via Iphone it has started today without any new update.

Thank you for your reply. Im trying it on Andriod phone. Is it the same?

Exactly same issue.
Iphone 14 pro, Iphone 13 pro, Iphone 11 we was checked and all of same issue. (iOs 16.1,16.2,16.3)
Data source , Dataviewer list from Airtable not working.
I think problem is Airtable connection. Airtable done new update maybe.
Published apps are problem.
Thunkable live is working well.

Thank you for your response.

I noticed earlier too , Datasource - Getvalue block does not return the value via apk & aab file.

Appreciate your input on this. Any workaround?

Do we have to give a day and check back?


will thunkable share this problem to Airtable and get it fixed?

@conroy33 @domhnallohanlon @jared I think Thunkable team are working this issues. Calm down sir.

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Is it sorted?

Not yet still waiting update from Thunkable team. But no one answer. And no one has this issue. Strange.

Same issue here. Airtable do not connect to the Data Viewer. The loading icon continues appearing.

On iOS: it works well in Thunkable live. But when the App is built, it doesn’t show any content from Airtable.

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Yes on webbrowser and on andriod phone data retrieval via airtable via data viewer list works but on apk I see only loading things and does not pulls data

Sir… we are waiting for your response to say it is sorted as we have quite a lot apps to go for final testing before we upload on Google playstore …

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Still waiting thunkable team fix.

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Any deadline sir…?

Otherwise we have to shift to some other platform and develop apps as we can’t miss the deadline to our people.

You’ve written four separate posts all on a weekend. Thunkable staff aren’t working so I wouldn’t expect to hear back from them until Monday at the earliest.

Have you contacted Thunkable directly? Because they may not read every single topic on the forums. The chat button within projects is a good way to get support. I think you need a Pro plan for that.

Thank for the update .Much appreciated!

I’m a pro account holder.

Also nowadays I don’t see support options thus I thought Issue/Bugs option makes the Thunkable staff to look into this problem in priority.

The chat button has moved to the top-right of the project page:

Oh my bad… Thank you so much:)

Will update this problem via chat.

This is a real issue, error is still happening.