Problem with data source in Android

Hi, I have menu in my app that takes its list from Airtable, it works fine in apple phones, but in Android I get no items in my menu, the menu is blank. Do Airtable do not work for android, or it is a problem with thunkable?
The menu is a list viewer


Are you sure that there are no errors when getting data from AirTable on Android and that this data exists?

It worked now
The issue was that I am using Open screen event to get the data, this works with Apple but not working with Android from the first open, we have to go to an other screen then open the screen that have the menu again so it work.
I have changed the event from OPEN to Start screen and it is working now from first time.
Th problem in using Start event that if I make a change in the data source the change will effect the App only after closing the app and open it again