How to update a App without loosing Data

Hi everyone! Does anyone knows how to update a App on the App Store without loosing the database data? I published an App 3 months ago using Data Grid with a internal data source, I update recently with some small visual tweaks and tested on TestFlight. For me the data keeps on updated, so I published. But for many users the update delete everything. Anyone guess what’s is wrong?

Hey @ubimidia - I remember @towball had a similar issue with this in the past too I think.

Can you jog my memory Barrie, did we ever find a solution - was it to do with having copies of the same project?

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I also have the same issue. When making a copy of the project and the publish the App in the Stores my users lose all the stored variables. My bundle ID changes everytime I make a copy of the project and I think this is why I am having this issue.

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This was very annoying and caused some very unhappy customers that lost all their data. I am sure in the earlier days of Thunkable I was able to copy my project, modify and load the COPY to the stores. That is not the case now.
You must only ever load your original project.
The steps I follow

  1. Copy the original, make the changes, Log every change in a spreadsheet in detail, test the changes on the copy in a simulator like NOX or send to your phone to test or use Thunkable LIVE
  2. If changes are successful and testing is all good, make the changes to the original project following your log in the spreadsheet, carry out tests again and then load to the stores.

I dont know why this started to happen but I personally had a lot of emails form my customers who paid for the App and lost everything. Now I am very strict on logging changes, testing. and then modify the original and load the original…

You also have to make sure the bundle ID is the same everytime and increment the Version number. I now display the version number on the home screen of the App so if any of the people who purchase the App email me I can refer back to that version number to troubleshoot.

The spreadsheet has a worksheet for Apple and one for Android, see image for my headings

There is also a worksheet for the changes and they are name by version number so I know what changes I amde



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Thanks a lot @towball and @tomasso ! Yes I did use the same copy and bundle ID. I tested before but it still happened.
The spreadsheet to track changes is a great practice!

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Sorry to hear this but I can only think that the bundle ID may have had a character in it that shouldnt have been there.
Are you 100% sure that the version you loaded was the absolute original??
I also test by sending to a phone, making a change and sending again to ensure it updates. I am very nervous about this.

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No solution i just tested android and apple and updated but all data gone.

Does anyone have a solution.

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