Project copy updates but removes user data

Hi all
Has anyone had any issues with a project copy updating but removing the users data?

Simple test app with Button and Save to local Storage
App name TEST
Load to phone or emulator
Enter data in the field and save
Make a copy of the project in Thunkable set bundle ID the same and later version number
Load the COPY to phone
It UPDATES but removes the user data
Load the original with the same Bundle ID and a later version
It UPDATES and the data is back

Can anyone assist?

The only way I can get a live App to update is to modify on the original project!!

Any help appreciated



I deal with the same. I have offered the option to sync phone data to my cloud. I suggest to do so after each settings change for my users u til this issue is figured out.

@jared I got Android updating OK but had to modify the original. I must admit my file management has not been so good so I had load the latest current Play store downloaded apk to my phone and then progressively go through all my projects until I found the one that updated and didn’t delete user data. Added notes in App description for now so it doesn’t get messed with. Apple is a bit different I have to load each one to testflight and then send to my wifes phone to test so it takes a while.
Do you know any other way to test Apple updates???
How do we get Thunkable to respond and assist???