Variables in App Copy not working anymore

I just wanted to creat a copy of my app to make some tests and the variables in the copy seem to be not working anymore, actually nothing is working in the copy, the original file is working fine.

Ok i give up for today, I assume it must have to do with current system updates, I had to do a hardreset several times because the mesage that Im running an outdatet version appeared a few times.
It would be nice to know when the thunkable team plan to update the system so I would’nt try to work with thunkable during that time.

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I agree that if planned updates are ‘planned’, maybe it would be nice to have a banner pinned across the top of the forum so that users could be aware they may experience issues. That said, they may post tiny updates all the time and that post may just be there perpetually. IDK.

If you post your issues to the github it’s super helpful.

this is fro github.

Hello Jarred,
I just posted this problem on Github, hopefully they fix that problem it soon.

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Thank you @Christian_Sigge :open_hands:

I’m still having the problem that copies of my own Projects or other public projects do not work.
For example this public Project created by Member Jared does not work after I open it.

Does anyone have or had the same issue and was able to solve the problem?