My actual version of app is not the right version when I duplicate it!

When I want to duplicate my laast version of my App from 22/04/2022 02:03 PM


I receive well a duplicaat but not from the last version. The version received is from december 28 2020 6:59 PM I don’t trust the date and time received


In any case is not the same version

Actual version is the version Admin V00.18

The second version received after the duplicate is the version Admin V00.17

This situation is really dangerous . You have to trust your backup


There is a major bug with the modification dates for duplicated projects. It honestly sometimes makes me want to no longer use Thunkable. I don’t know how much more strongly I can say it than that. I’ve asked repeatedly for this to be fixed and I don’t get the sense much is being done. I’m a huge fan of Thunkable but in terms of this issue, I don’t feel good about it.

I reported this bug 7 months ago. Please add a comment to the GitHub page. My hope is that if we make some noise about it, it will get fixed!

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Tatian is done I have send a github message
###Community Link
If there’s an ongoing discussion about this behavior in the Community, please link to it here

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It’s a serious problem , it means that I don’t have a last backup file !!!

We shouldn’t have to do this but here’s a recommendation for now:

Change something obvious about the first screen. For example, add an image or set a label’s font really big. Then duplicate/copy the project again. That way, when you open it to check if it’s the newest copy, you can tell easily. Then, rename the copy to something like [My Project Backup April 24, 2022].

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Who did you message? Would you mind adding a comment to the GitHub post

I think when the staff sees more comments, it tells them that this is an issue that needs priority.

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