BUGS: Copying/duplicating projects fails

I’m finding it really difficult to use Thunkable in any consistent and reliable way because when I make copies, they frequently are set to the wrong modified date and/or have a duplicate name that already exists in my list of projects.

These two bugs continue to be an issue:

Bug Report #1
Bug Report #2

What happens is that I work on a project, making changes to it. I then copy (Blocks screen) or duplicate (Projects List) the project. It copies/duplicates but the name is the same as an existing project (e.g. “project_name copy”) and the modified date is the original creation date of the project. So I have no way of telling which copy is now the most recent and I’m worried about editing or deleting the wrong project.


I faced the same and my only workaround was to rename the copied project by replacing the word copy with the copied date so next time I copy/duplicate I will have another project with a name in the format “project_name_copy” and I will replace the word copy with the most recent date. tedious and manual but I do it to avoid the name duplication.

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