Can't Duplicate the project

I’m not able to duplicate a project. No error messages, only it doesn’t works.
Is there a solution ?


I’m not sure I understand the issue. The link you shared is a duplicate of your project. What do you expect see/happen that is not currently occurring?

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I haven’t been able to duplicate a project for the past 48 hours. I click Duplicate project and nothing happens.


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I need to create a copy

first for backup what I’m doing,
and second to modify the project and create another one similar

but as @tatiang says, the button Duplicate doesn’t works . Neither from Myprojects page than into the editor.



Hey guys,

I am unable to reproduce this issue on my end. Duplicating is working fine when in the drag and drop project. Can you please try hard refreshing the browser?

Are you able to duplicate projects from the projects screen?

If hard refreshing does not fix the issue, please open the developer console and report any errors that you may see appear when clicking duplicate. If you can do this, we might be able to sort it out quicker!

After a hard refresh, it still won’t duplicate the project from within the project. When I click on the three dots menu and click Duplicate project, the menu just stays there and no message appears and no copy is made (I assume; I really can’t tell because of the date modified bug and duplicate project name bug).

If I click Duplicate from the Projects page, the pop-up menu just disappears. Nothing else indicates that a copy was made.

Here’s what the console shows:

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Jared, nothing works of those

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Can you duplicate the project from the main project list screen?

I just did and it worked.

Sorry, 1 follow up question for the team.

Is this happening with all of your projects or only certain projects?

only for some projects

If you are a Free member then possible you have hit your app limit? When I hit mine I was unable to duplicate projects and create new ones.

i’m PRO…

I need to duplicate it… any ideas ?

At the moment, I think it is working to duplicate projects from the Projects page. However, because of the two known issues with duplicating projects, I can’t tell which project is the newest copy! These were all made in the last two days while I was thinking that duplicating projects didn’t work:

There is still no notification that a copy has been made and since the modified dates are incorrect, they don’t “pop to the top” of the projects list.

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it doesn’t works… here u find a video of what happens (nothing…)


If anyone has anything to add, I’ll be filing this as a big report internally and as much detail as possible is ideal.

Internally we are working on the entire remix/copy process. So, the more community led and agreed upon suggestions/innovations, the better


I think the two bug reports I filed are helpful and I also think that long-term, this should be tied into the idea of versioning. Especially now that accounts are often limited in terms of the number of projects customers can create, it makes sense to offer versioning/backups without the need to constantly duplicate projects.

I know for my style of developing, I often keep 5 or more copies of a major project while I’m working on it. It would be great to have a single project file that has versioning history or a backup when needed.

But more short-term, the project duplication, date stamps and naming need to work and right now they don’t. I’m glad your team is looking into it.

Bug Reports:

This happens but much less often than those two issues:

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Thanks @tatiang

Your input is invaluable!

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yes Guys,

I use duplicate to backup my app,

I’m really really scared to loose all the job I’ve done !

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Did you search for you project?

Use the search field in the page and key in the first few letters of your project and see if there are duplicate ones.

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