Can't make a copy of my app

Hi Thunkers,

I deleted a few older backups today. Now I am trying to make a fresh backup copy of my latest version but I keep getting an error;

“No such object: thunkable-x-production/users/5b41ae0e0d8c99749d859556/projects/5eabaa7949fc94d61055e78f/assets/5eabaa7949fc9416a755e7b1”

I am seeing, editing and live testing the app but can’t make a copy. I definitely did not delete the version I am trying to copy and I doubt it reflects the number shown in the error message. I am uncertain how to proceed. Fortunately I do have another copy but would need to update a full days work. Any help would be welcomed. Feeling a little nervous.


Please message an admin about this. This is a known issue currently.