Unable to copy app

I am trying to copy my app and I am getting this error. Annotation 2020-04-03 114500

I saw that this had been an issue back in 2019 and Thunkable staff was able to help. I created a new post just so it didnt get lost in shuffle and in case anyone else had similar issues. I am able to copy other apps but for this one I am unable to generate a copy or a link to share the app.

Still having the same problem, any ideas?

Hi there, I am also having the same trouble. I can copy one of my two apps just fine, but not the other. Hope we can get this figure out quickly, I don;t like not having a backup.

I haven’t heard back and published on another forum too :confused: What I do for now is make copy’s of my screens and then create a new app entirely and transfer them over like that.

Thanks, that’s great tip, but it is very disappointing that you haven’t heard back from the developers for over a week. Likely a server problem.

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I see the problem, when I click on copy, I get the message “No such object: thunkable-x-production/users/5e1…”, but that is not the URL of the app, it has a different URL.