Unable to download or Make a Copy

We are unable to Download for either Android or iOS. We get the Android error:
And iOS we get the error message:
No such object: thunkable-x-production/users/5c5fa611c8b1685cf656172d/projects/5c5fa6291f2427436384c4e5/assets/5c8cc6c7d313ca75aa8f8b67

We can’t copy the project either, we get the error No such object.

Reviewing other discussions in the Thunkable community, it seems that the Thunkable support team can run an extract.

We would like to share the project with the support team but when we select the share link we get a share link error.

Are we able to copy and paste the link to share with support? We need assistance to understand if it’s a bad object or bad setting.



Sorry for the delay getting back to you. I’ve fixed this now - can you try downloading your app again to confirm?


We ended up having to recreate the app as we couldn’t find anything wrong within the code, files or icon image. Our recreated app had no issues with copying, downloading or generating a link so I think there was maybe a bug within the original app file.

My issue was resolved by moderators here.

I also made a separate thread requesting some help as it was urgent, and soon after received an email that an internal server error had occurred and it had been fixed. After that, sharing, copying, and downloading were all doable with the app.


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hello, i have the same problem and i need to deliver the project link in less than a week, how can i fix the error?

I’ve also had this problem on an app im making, everytime I try to copy it this message appears:

No such object: thunkable-x-production/users/5c0b29c8d5d1b36bdbf3b493/projects/5e3fd508afdfa03645f7de8e/assets/5e4d2cf08353e33cff0fe2c2

In addition to that, everytime I try to live test it on my phone, this appears:

Thanks in advance and sorry if this troubles anyone!