App not downloading, copying or building

While trying to copy the project, I get an error:**

Save copy error
No such object: thunkable-x-production/users/5c9fa9411de8bf3bad3f27ca/proje…

When downloading (emailing) to iOS,
it says “Project did not build”

Please fix this! We need to submit our app for the Technovation Challenge. We have a PRO account.

I told to him @domhnallohanlon he knows this bug. I sent to him the project too. Maybe you can share to him your project too. (But if it is project will seeing error you can not share.)

Hi @Team_Infinity,

Thanks for flagging this with us. This should be fixed now, but can you try downloading again and confirm please?



The same errors are still there.

Share link generation error

Error creating share.

The same errors are still there too.

This is the link generation error ^

We still get an email saying ‘could not build application’ :

No such object: thunkable-x-production/users/5c9fa9411de8bf3bad3f27ca/projects/5c9fa9f9874bc835a7bafe6a/assets/5cbb02019a3dbfce940ea81c
In the email there is a Reference ID: d9be2b2d-b815-47a3-a7ba-ee7ad975fd05|

I found three months ago this bug. When i was delete any files or invisible component it will happen. So i don’t delete any component from my project still.
I am just trying from copy version of my project some times. Same errors are still there.

App Download starting for XXX
App Download Error: Not Found