Urgent: Project cannot be shared or copied


My technovation team cannot share their project. When they click on Generate Link, a popup box shows up with message: ‘Share link generation error Error creating share.’.

They also tried copying it first with the “Make Copy” button, but that also produces an error.

This is a private project, and they have the Pro edition.

Submission deadline is in a couple days, so we need a quick solution…


You did not get an answer because your question is thin on details. Please include screenshots and more explanation.


@Nancy_Robertson Does the error look similar to the ones in this post?

Can you share the Project ID? This can be found in the Url when editing the app:


I believe this is a rare known issue that @Domhnall can address.

Any additional details / screenshots of the error would also be helpful.


Thanks a lot for your help in fixing this!

Our project ID (5c92cabb4ebbfbc676ea35a9) was shared with you through other channels and the team has been able to generate the link and complete the Technovation submission.


Hello, one of my students has the same problem as Nancy, the ID of the project is


He cannot share a link, make a copy or download the APP.

Thank you.


My account has the same error. I can’t share a link or make a copy.