I cannot generate a copy link to my project

I have a project due on Wednesday but Thunkable will not let me share it, make a copy or generate a link. Help at this time would be very appreciated. It sometimes generates a link but the link just sends me to a blank screen
Here is a link to my project -
Thanks in advance.


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If it worked :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have been working on an app for a couple of months for a competition and it refuses to create a link or to copy. I would appreciate it so so so much if you helped me find a way to share it because the deadline to share it is in 2 days.
Here is the link to my project -
Thanks in Advance,


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That simply takes me to a blank screen.

Hey @iuiuh,

I just fixed your project assets there now, can you try again and let us know if that works for you?



@iuiuh just checking in on this since you mentioned you were on a deadline.

Did fixing the project assets work for you?

If not, can you try doing a hard refresh and let us know whether or not that works.



Thank you so much! It is working now!

i have had this issue for over a week i posted three days ago and no reply after i was told to give urls by @paulmw for it which i sent to them in a PM as my projects are private. Still waiting to be fixed and have not heard back.

I have the same issue I cannot generate the link when I click on It it shows some message here is the screen shot
Screenshot 2021-04-21 162920