[Solved] Unable to share link or copy my project

We are a team from the Technovation Challenge contest and we urgently need to generate a link to share our app, less than a week before the deadline is over and our project is too big to redo everything in one week, we have been working on it for months. In a survey in the community I realized that many people have had the same problem.

The project is here: [https://x.thunkable.com/projects/5e73b2bf8baa2635eaedfc82/project/properties/designer/ ]

The link error:

Share link generation error

Error creating share.

Save copy error

No such object: thunkable-x-production/users/5e722607870b5973ce7af551/projec

I hope the problem is fixed as soon as possible, because as already mentioned, the deadline is too tight to start from scratch.

One workaround may be to save each screen. And then add them back to a new app. It’s not perfect, but may work as a quick workaround u til you get it figured out

Hey @printifgirlsrrek,

This should be fixed for you now. Thanks for letting us know and best of luck in the competition.

We’re part of a technovation team, and we recently ran into a problem with our project, where we can’t make a copy, or generate a shareable link.

This is the email we used to create our thunkable account: **********@gmail.com

Hey @stemtechnovw

I’ve redacted your email since this is a public forum and you might now want that information made public?

Can you post your project link, either here or send it to me via a PM, and I will fix this for you.



Here is my project link: https://x.thunkable.com/projects/5ea3e308cc39c326b6d645ef/Screen1/designer


Thanks @stemtechnovw - this should be fixed for you now.

@tobi - it looks like you are able to generate copy links, based on that URL.

If you are having issues sharing a project and need us to fix it, please send us the project URL, i.e. the one that contains /project/


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Unable to download my Android app when I click on it. It says ur download is about to start and then nothing happens. Previous error was that it was asking me to give version name and code. I did it. Now wen I try click on download and download Android app it says about to start with blue caution symbol and then nothing. Please help me out

The same problem is arising in my app, i cant get the shareable link, which i have to submit for technovation. Please look into it.

@37abdulallam378i6 The first thing to do is make sure that you browser will allow downloads from Thunkable.

I don’t think that this is the same issue as the original poster, but feel free to PM me your project link and we can see if our fix works.

@trititechnovation I’ve replied separately to your PM.

We generally wouldn’t encourage posting about something in the community and then sending a PM about the exact same thing.

Thanks for understanding.

Hello…The link to share my project is not working…I am participating in a competition called Technovation and the project is due tomorrow 7pm UTC …Please help me fix it before then…it is really urgent

Hi @necessitrees

Please send me your project link, either here or via PM and I’ll fix it for you.


That is it…Its not generating in any way…Like it’s just stuck! It is only showing what’s on the screenshotScreenshot (137)|690x387


@necessitrees please don’t make multiple posts - I’ve merged these both into 1 for you now.

You screenshot does not seem to have attached correctly.

All I need you to do is send me the URL from your browser and I can fix your project for you.


I am sorry for that
Lemme attach the url

Thanks @necessitrees - that’s fixed for you now.

Best of luck in the competition.