[Solved] How do I download my app?

App Not downloading today. Not found error.

i got ur level dear…thanks for opening up…

I am also having same problem. App is not downloading for android

It is not happening with all apps. It is happening with only 1 app…

Android :-
App Download Error: Not Found

Something went wrong when we tried to build your app.-
No such object: thunkable-x-production/users/5b8e79dbaa78bf4eea619a56/projects/5c0d34397cf5ca4c6b0042b0/assets/5c41d1a1d8ca232abb426e75

when trying to copy :- Save copy error

Problem communicating with server. HTTP status: 500, server message: Internal Server Error

Thunkable support team did it for me. Thank u very much, my work is safe and I am happy now… Thanks a lot…

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Hi, I am having the same problem, can you help me with that,

Hi @Sherifvt, can you copy/paste your error message here so we can confirm it’s the same issue?


Hi @domhnallohanlon thanks for your response.

this is the error when trying to copy project

and this when try to share

all errors showed up at the same time

and this error when try to download

Can you post your project ID here please? (The part beginning 5c1a1…)


This is the project link https://x.thunkable.com/projects/5c3da302dc3434ff4f6ea072/

and it is a private project.


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Thanks. Can you try downloading again now please @Sherifvt ?

@domhnallohanlon, I tested the copy and download and both are working fine now. Thanks so much.

Please let me know if I did something wrong from my side, so I can avoid this problem in the future?


We are having the same problem. We cannot share a link or copy the project.

The project is here: https://x.thunkable.com/projects/5c92cabb4ebbfbc676ea35a9/Quiz%20Screen%20-%202/blocks

The copy error:

Save copy error

No such object: thunkable-x-production/users/5c574131879ded55295c8323/proje

I am as well having the same issue when trying to download, make a copy or generate a link.

Can you help me? This is the link: https://x.thunkable.com/projects/5cada75f9eb759a01e5efcda/

Thanks in advance!