My copied app is not working the same way

My copied app does NOT work the same way as the original app.

The issue is happening in the copied apps blocks not screens. My app has 12 screens and all work fine except the processing in the blocks is not the same in some cases. For example, I am on version 16 of my app so going from version 15 to version 16 the “set property of object” stopped working. I had to code around that for version 16. Today after I copied version 16 to make version 17 the “location sensor1.get current location” stopped working. It would be a lot of work to find another way to get the current location.

This is a critical issue for me. It is a show stopper. I need to have a reliable copy of my app that is published BEFORE I make changes for the next version.

This issue may be related to app size. I don’t get the “App copied” message when I copy a big app. But I get the message for a small app. My big app has more than a 1000 blocks.

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first thing what i suggest is to reduce the no. of screen in your app
and a lot of things can be done in lesser blocks also… maybe your asset sizr is a lot also

I haven’t experienced this before and I’ve made dozens of copies of various projects with 1000+ blocks. Have you contacted Support to see if they can help?

If you’d like, you can send me a link to your project in a private message and I can see if there’s an obvious reason the “set property of object” and “get current location” blocks aren’t working. As you I’m sure know, those two blocks are somewhat advanced blocks and it’s easy to manipulate them in such a way that the project will crash or at least not return the values you expect.

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First of all, thank you for creating a separate post for your issue.

You complained about the set property. Can you explain where the object that you want to set property came from?

Is this object obtained from Firebase RTDB or is it from Airtable or Google sheet or is it part of the response of a Web API call?

Why I ask this? Because if this is the case then you need to be aware that Thunkable, for security and privacy reasons, will remove Firebase API keys and disconnect Airtable and Google sheet tables and if you have keys or authorization entries in the Web API settings page will be removed. Therefore the object will not be set as expected.

This was a new object created in the app with “initialize app variable x to create object” blocks.

I don’t use Firebase or Airtable.

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Maybe the data in cache…

May Be Package or Android version Error

welcome to our community. this post is very helpfull. users have been seen this this since a long time ago.

It’s very difficult to keep guessing. Is it possible to share your project that doesn’t work and point out the section of the project that produce the error?

Maybe someone can see it and figure out the issue.

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