Thunkable just erased all of the blocks in my app

I changed the name of my app and Thunkable inexplicably erased what appears to be around 30% of my blocks from a large project. Luckily I had a backup of an older version and will now need to reconstruct everything I’ve done recently with the file.

The project had been shared with Thunkable’s IT to investigate a screen orientation crash, not sure if that had to do anything with it. Prior to the blocks being erased none of the changes I was making to the app were appearing in Thunkable Live.

I’ve had that happen to a lesser degree. If Thunkable Live is not showing changes after a minute and a few tries, it’s an indication that something is cached and it’s time to refresh the project page. This happens more frequently than I like and I’m sorry you lost much of your work.

It’s another reason we need versioning support.

See these feature requests: