Problem with Thunkable X and Thunkable Live

What’s happening?

Yesterday I had the following. Thunkable X began to show errors in previously created and not editable projects for a long time. In this case, nothing works in the block editor except for scrolling the entire field with blocks.

I cannot run Thukable Live on any device and emulator. It opens, freezes for 20 seconds and then throws me onto the home screen.

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Hi Alexander, sorry to hear you are having problems with this.

Just to clarify, are you working on a new project or is this a project that has gone to read-only mode?

Hi Domhnall,

I am having problems with one large, initially publicly available project. I give the details. Yesterday I decided to change a little of one of my large projects (20 screens). I ran Thunkable Live and everything worked well. After that I began to change the blocks on one screen and, suddenly, in the block editor, Thunkable IDE showed 2 errors on one of the screens. I went to the next screen and there were already 23 errors displayed. After that, Thunkable Live stopped running on all my devices (iOS 10.3 and 12.1.4, and in Android 5.1 and 7.1 emulators). I opened my second account and there I also saw a similar problem.

That is, errors are displayed not only in the current version of a large project, but also in all its copies, which were made even a few months ago and which are in different Thukable X accounts!

Here is the project from the second account, made in October 2018.

An error occurs when opening the scrCustomDrawer screen.

I unhooked the block circled in yellow and after that the block editor on this screen hangs.

Link to another project, where when you open the scrCustomDrawer screen, a similar problem occurs.

I haven’t looked at your source code or anything but, speaking very generally, if this were me the first thing I’d do is change my code back to the way it was at the start of the day when everything was working OK. See if it’s still working OK. If it is then you know the issue is something connected to your code. If it’s no longer working OK then the issue isn’t your source code. … If the issue’s in the source code, making tiny changes and seeing their effects helps narrow down where the problem lies.

Thank you for the advice. The problem is that there is no possibility to change the code on the corrupted screens, because after any action the block editor just hangs.

As I said, the error occurred not only in the current project, but in all copies of this project, which were made several months ago and have not changed since that time. Moreover, the screens have deteriorated in a copy of the project, which is located on another account. This suggests that the problem is not with the current project, but with some sequence of blocks and neither copying the project nor transferring the project to another account will save from the collapse and breakdown of the project.

After a little experiment I’m willing to say on the problem a few words.

It is sad sounds, but the platform Thunkable X has serious problems due to which you may lose not only the projects along with their copies, but account as in my case.

It all started with the fact that Thunkable IDE opened a big project (more than 20 screens), which turned out to be a broken screen.

. This screen is of little value, so after creating a few months ago I had never edited, and very rarely looked through his work on the device. It worked and well. I edited the other screens and did not even know that you are working with is already broken project that cannot be recovered. When he got corrupted? Maybe a month ago, maybe 3 months ago.

Recently I accidentally opened in the block editor, a broken screen and saw numerous blocks with errors. Then in the block editor, I moved to a nearby screen and saw that the blocks with a broken screen and copied on the screen! Closed the project and opened it again - now the broken screen is 2. That is, if I open the block editor broken screen to navigate to other screens, they will also become spoiled! I realized it immediately, so continued to use Thunkable Live. As a result, in some point Thunkable Live simply ceased to connect to the account. Live Thunkable reinstallation did not solve the problem.

How to determine broken screen or not? After opening the screen in the block editor, move the mouse to any unit. If after that there are numerous blocks with errors, immediately remove the whole screen. If you have a large project, I recommend that after each update Thunkable IDE and Thunkable Live to check all the screens in the block editor.

Remember, the more screens and blocks you are using in the project Thunakble X, the more problems they can bring.