What happens to the accounts?

I already have the second one, from which I cannot open any application in Live - Live closes with an error. I create new projects and, all of a sudden, on some day I see that I cannot open a single account project in Live. Live was not updated, Thunkable IDE was not updated, but the project can not be copied (Make Copy does not work) and projects in Live do not open.

How to recover my two accounts from Live? Or every time you have to create a new account?


I’m not sure what you mean. Are you simply saying that you have two different accounts that you are using with Thunkable and that you can’t open any the projects for either of those accounts in the Thunkable Live app? Or do you mean something else?

Also, if you are getting an error, could you please provide that error, ideally via a screenshot?



I enter my own and try to run the project, for example, Thunkable

On iOS 12.2, Thunkable Live opens, a 10-second freeze is displayed, and then Thunkable Live closes without reporting any errors.

When I start Live on the Memu play emulator, a screen appears.

I clicked the REPORT button and several times sent error messages from actech2050@gmail.com

This happens when I try to open any project from my second account. A similar situation occurred with my first account. Now I have created a third account and Live works great with all projects that I copy from 1 and 2 accounts.

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Can you also send me a link for a project from your other account where Thunkable Live is failing? Do downloaded apps from these projects work on your emulator? Also, can you show me the errors that you say got sent to actech2050@gmail.com. Finally, can you send me the email addresses for all three of your accounts and specify which are the ones that are failing and which is the one that is currently working?


Same issue.