I have problems downloading thunkable on ios

How come whenever I open the Thunkable Live app on my phone, it doesn’t show any of my projects and show me a white screen instead?

There is a problem with the Thunkable Live app. It opens the last project you viewed and in your case, that is a project that crashes when it opens. You can click the Home button at the bottom of the screen to get back to the list of projects.

@matt I believe this is a change to how the app works. When Thunkable is not open in a browser, shouldn’t the Thunkable Live app open to the list of projects screen? I believe that’s how it used to work. On my iPhone, it’s also opening the last project I viewed in the app which is not what I would expect to happen.

Is there anything like e.g settings that I have to change before or after downloading the Thunkable Live app on my Iphone?

I don’t think so. It’s been a while since I’ve done that so it might ask you about a few permissions. But it’s pretty straightforward. You’ll also have to login to your Thunkable account on your phone.

I think he’s no longer active in Thunkable anymore.

Ya I’ve done all of the above but still can’t see my projects whenever I open my Thunkable app, is there anyone that can help me with this issue?

Have you tried uninstalling the Thunkable Live app and re-installing it? Do you know what version you’re using?

Nevermind it works now

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