Can Thunkable Live be fixed so it updates properly?

In the past, I would have to force-quit Thunkable Live on my iPhone 13 Pro occasionally to ensure that the newest changes I made to a project were displayed. It would sometimes cache older versions of the project I was working on.

Recently, it seems that I have to force-quit Thunkable every time I want to display an updated version after I make any small change to the project (renaming a label, resizing a container, etc.).

And worse, it used to be that force-quitting always reset to the newest/current project version. It no longer does.

Below is a link to a video showing what’s happening (the video has no sound). I’m screen-mirroring my iPhone. You can see that when I first click Live Test, nothing happens and the alert doesn’t go away. This happens frequently, too. After I force-quit and re-open Thunkable Live, I can then test on my phone. But then I never get the current version of the project. The current version has a screen in a navigator with a blue background and black drop-down menu. You can see it at the 0:50 mark. The phone is showing a white drop-down menu on a gray screen. That’s an older version of the project that no longer exists.

Are other people having this issue?

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@tatiang I’ll have to look into this for you as I am not able to recreate the same issue on my end, also running with v403 of the iOS Live app.

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I’m starting to wonder if it’s a browser cache issue so I’ll try clearing that but it happens on two different machines so I’m not convinced that will do the trick.

I’m using Thunkable Live v403.

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