Force-quitting Thunkable Live to refresh project view

Is anyone else needing to force-quit Thunkable Live (I’m using an iPhone 11) constantly? I find that my project doesn’t refresh very often unless I do that.

As an example, I’ll rearrange the screens in a project so that a different screen is first (top of the component tree panel). Then I’ll click Live Test but Thunkable Live still shows the old screen. If I click Live Test again (and again), it doesn’t update. Force-quitting and re-opening Thunkable Live almost always shows the updated/current version of the project.

And even if I don’t rearrange the screens, it will often get “stuck” on a single screen that isn’t the first/top screen. Clicking Live Test over and over doesn’t switch to the first screen.

Clicking the Home button in Thunkable Live and then clicking Live Test does seem to more consistently show the current project.

Maybe I need to clear the cache in my browser?

Is it a Large project?

I wouldn’t say so. About 500 blocks on the main screen, fewer on others. Seven screens total. No navigators. No web viewers. Project size is 0.42 MB.

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