Live Test only updates first screen in Thunkable Live

I’ve been trying to figure out why Thunkable Live on the iPhone doesn’t update changes I make to a project in the browser until I force quit and re-open the app. But tonight I realized that changes do take effect for the first screen, immediately. It’s just that I’m so often editing a different screen in my project and when I click Live Test again, nothing changes on that screen.

So the bug seems to be that changes to the first screen take effect immediately while changes to any other screen take effect only after a force-quit and re-load of the app.

Edit: nope, that doesn’t seem to be consistent either. I just made a change to the first screen and it didn’t update this time. It usually does. @!(#&%^&@#% this is frustrating!

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I face this all the time and I narrowed it down to:

Changes to the design screen takes effect immediately but changes to the code screen takes a while.

I could be wrong but this is true most of the time.

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Apologies for the frustration @tatiang

This sounds like it’s going to be challenging to reliably reproduce…are you working on the project we were discussing on chat support? Or is this happening with any of your projects?

This feels right to me @muneer - I’ll often add an exclamation mark to a label or button to “force” an update.

Similarly with the blocks, I’ve found that disconnecting and reconnecting blocks usually works too

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Thank you for your reply.

My trick is to have a spare label in the screen and change any property every time in need to force the update. I tried with the code screen but the trick does not work every time.

It seems to happen with all/most of my projects. I’ve been working on the one we were discussing most recently but I’ve noticed the issue happens with other projects as well.

And because there’s no way to clear out my long list of projects* in Thunkable Live yet, I have to wait 30-45 seconds for the Thunkable Live app to launch each time I make a small change to my project. As you can imagine, it can take 5 minutes just to get the size of a button right whereas it would only take a few seconds if the updating was quicker.

*I’m assuming this slows down the launch speed but I could be wrong about that.