Thunkable Live app doesn't update when blocks are changed

When I make a change in the blocks, the app doesn’t update to reflect the change. I need to make a change in the display in order for the app to refresh. For example, I put a button on the design page and then in the blocks add the code: When Button is clicked change the background color to Orange. When I click the button, the default color of black shows up. When I go back into the app and change the background color to blue and then press the button, the color changes to orange. The blocks are one step behind me coding.

I have tried clicking on live test after each change to the blocks, but I just get a message that says “Connect to the Thunkable Mobile App. Please login to your Thunkable Mobile App”. I can assure you that I am definitely logged into the mobile app, that is how I am able to click the button and see the problem.

Try after changing blocks a little move the top level block on the working area. This usually triggers an update in Thunkable Live.

Sometimes changing blocks doesn’t trigger update either.

The quickest way to update that I’ve found is modifying Text value on a label or button, and then click “ENTER” key. It’s not perfect, but works most of the time.

We also use an small tip to determine if content has been added. We always insert a label at the botton of the screen with a “Version Number” (not really an automatic version number, but a label with the text “Version 0.1” and change the version number when you want the app to refresh. This way you can visually know if you are using the latest app code.

Changing the text value on a label or button is exactly what I’ve been doing. That isn’t a perfect fix, how do we know if that is going to be fixed anytime soon?

I deleted the screen and log in and out of the thunkable app a few times, but it is still showing the screen i deleted. I wonder is it my wifi issue.

How is it possible to code on thunkable x like this?
I have stop coding on thunkable classic because the team is going to stop supporting it although I have spent half a year coding an app through it.

Really grateful to thunkable, but can i ask the team to reconsider their strategy.

I don’t mind paying 5 USD per month to keep thunkable classic going while the team develop the thunkable X platform. How about setting up a forum to ask all the thunkable classic and thunkable X people how much they are willing to pay per month to keep each platform going?

What the community can do for thunkable is by contributing some money and getting more people to come on this platform. So that the thunkable team can keep classic going and build thunkable X faster at the same time. What do everyone in thunkable think about this idea?

@Zhou_Sicong, just to make sure, before restarting your Thunkable Live app please click on the the “Live Test” button. If that still doesn’t work, please create a new project, click Live Test and then restart your Thunkable Live app. If you are still seeing your old app then, indeed, it could be a wifi (or other connectively issue). Are you testing this on Android or iOS?


Testing this on Android.

Hi there,
Sometimes I updated the block or adding components,even edit their properties.The live test application does not have any changes ( reload ) . Sonetimes it delays a few seconds to reload.
Cause always to operate the live test app again.

Do you guys having this problem previously or often?
Let me know I’m not alone.

I also have this issue running the Android app. I can’t reliably force the Android app to fetch the most recent version of my app.

In iOS, I’ve had to force-quit and re-open Thunkable Live every time I make a change to the project.

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we can always work on apk
click on live test and it updates

@eko.devs.apploroceo The exact problem is that it does NOT update on iOS in Thunkable Live when I click on Live Test. It still runs the previous code.

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ya but y u dnt get it
click live test
in builder it gets refresh nd done

@allthingsyantho, can you confirm you’re running v246 of Thunkable Live?

@tatiang we’ve submitted an update to Apple, but still waiting on them to approve the latest version of Thunkable Live for iOS. This might be the issue here? Is it affecting all your apps?

@eko.devs.apploroceo we only really recommend building your app when you have major changes to test, or when you’re ready to launch/update your app

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yep and i always work on one app
and i download apk everytime
cuz im release it in december

Yes, I believe so. I’ll await the new version and let you know if I still have issues after that.

@allthingsyantho, I have a similar issue from time to time on live test on android. Clearing the app cache and data can often (but not always) help.

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