Why my live test in ios, not Live ? How can i refresh for Live test?

Hello ,
How can i refresh Live time with Thunkable APP in ios.
I has login in my account, but always not Live Testing. It’s can’t refresh.

Did you see the banner when you open Thunkable which is telling you to update the Thunkable Live app?

I has update to new version.

I’ve been having the same issue. Live companion app is not working well at all. @matt_conroy is anyone from your team able to corroborate these issues?

Specifically. I am logging in using a code because while my computer remembers my email password my phone doesn’t :joy_cat:

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Is this for iOS? Android? Both?

We can definitely take a look.

I am using iOS specifically! Thanks for the reply.

Ope, iOS was literally in the title of this post as well. I should have had my cup of :coffee: before replying to this.

I can do some tests on my end to see if there are any replicable issues.

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