Why my live test in ios, not Live ? How can i refresh for Live test?

Hello ,
How can i refresh Live time with Thunkable APP in ios.
I has login in my account, but always not Live Testing. It’s can’t refresh.

Did you see the banner when you open Thunkable which is telling you to update the Thunkable Live app?

I has update to new version.

I’ve been having the same issue. Live companion app is not working well at all. @matt_conroy is anyone from your team able to corroborate these issues?

Specifically. I am logging in using a code because while my computer remembers my email password my phone doesn’t :joy_cat:

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Is this for iOS? Android? Both?

We can definitely take a look.

I am using iOS specifically! Thanks for the reply.

Ope, iOS was literally in the title of this post as well. I should have had my cup of :coffee: before replying to this.

I can do some tests on my end to see if there are any replicable issues.

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Was this looked in to as I am having same issue on Android?
Have re-installed latest Live-App and tried 3 different browsers.
Same issue in drag & drop and snap to place

Only shows changes if i remove and then re-install live app

I had stopped testing on mobile as it was super annnoying. Haven’t tried since my last post, sadly. Did you ever come up with anything here @matt_conroy, you left me hanging there.

My apologies, Jared. Testing this out will be my top priority today.


@jared @martint I’m attaching two videos. I cannot replicate not seeing the changes in the Thunkable Live app as they’re made in the design tab. Is there a specific action(s) that have not worked for you? Does adding logic also not work as you are previewing in the Live app?

However, I am noticing that while I have the Thunkable Live app (v428-2 Android/v429 iOS) that the Live Test on Device button is not working so that when I click on it, my project does not show in the Thunkable Live app. Are either of you also experiencing this?

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Strange, I get no changes of any type showing in the live app from design or blocks. Not a delay as it doesnt update no matter how long I wait.

The device button is working fine, it accepts the code and imediately brings up the current version of the app on my device but from that point onwards its as if there is no connection between them.
The only way to see any changes is to close the live app and start again entering a new code.

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This is my experience

@jared @martint Do you experience issues with the Thunkable Live app if you are logged in via Google or Apple? Do you experience the same issues then?

I only log in using a gmail account. I’ll hop in today and test again maybe it’s been my side that causes the issue?

“It’s not you, it’s us.” :joy:

I can confirm we’ve found some issues, I was hoping just to see that it is not isolated to either being signed in or only those users who enter the code to Live test.

I have tested by logging in to Thunkable with my google account and can confirm that logged in this way the live-app is indeed live and works as expected.


Thanks for noting this! Glad it is working for you now.

woaah, it is not working for me now. I had to create a new account to test this for you which gives me no access to my projects.
I did the test because you asked the question and to help you fix it.

Changes are not showing in the live app for you as you make them in your project?