App not working in live test mode

My app was working just fine, and then all of a sudden it stops working on live test on iphone. I cannot even create a new account. No email is sent for verification. Airtable is not updated. It was all working fine till a few hours ago. I have uninstalled thunkable live to delete all data multiple times


I am also having a similar issue, downloading the app works (only tested for iOS), but thunkable live just returns a white screen on iOS after putting in the code (tested on iOS 15.0.2 and iOS 14.7.1), and on Android it just shows the “Made with thunkable” logo after putting in the code.

Forgot to add that I am using thunkable on chrome (I tried both incognito and normal mode) on a windows PC. I tested it on chrome and safari on a mac as well which yielded the same results. I suspected it could be an account issue so I made a new account but the problem still persisted.

SOLUTION (at least what worked for me)
Signing in with google on thunkable live. It didn’t work yesterday, but I just tried it and I am able to preview. @sriram.padmanabhan05 have you tried this? I’m still on chrome (normal mode) on a windows PC, and I am using thunkable live on iOS 15.0.2 with thunkable live version 287