Issue getting code for live test from the Thunkable mobile app

Hi all, hoping anyone can help me out.

I’m currently using Thunkable with an email that is NOT a google email.

Therefore, when I want to live test, i need to generate a code from the Thunkable mobile app and enter it in on the web application.

The issue is I press “Need a code? Click here” on the Thunkable mobile app and all i get is “Loading…”. I’ve left it for 10 minutes like this and no ever code appears. Any ideas on why this is happening?

Hi @JackyC, sorry to hear that this isn’t working properly for you.

Can you check in the Play store to see if there is an update available for your live testing app?

After that, the next thing I would recommend refreshing your browser and closing/re-opening your live testing app.

Let us know whether or not that helps.

Hi @domhnallohanlon,

Tried all that and no success. Im currently using a Huawei Mate 9, Android version 8.0.0.

I tried it on a Samsung Galaxy A5 as well, still no luck, same thing happens.

Any ideas on what else I can try?

Can you try restart one (or both?) of your phones and see if that makes any difference?

Still no luck, still doing the same thing

Strange… there was an update yesterday, but I’m on the latest version of Live Testing and I’m not having any issues.

You don’t have an old Gmail that you could use for the time being, just while we’re figuring this out?

Yeah i’ll do that for the time being, let me know if you find out whats wrong.


Hi @domhnallohanlon,

I tested the Thunkable Live app on an iPhone and getting the code worked fine. Seems like it’s only an Android issue?

Hope that helps. Let me know if you guys get anywhere with how to fix it.


Hey @JackyC, I’m also on an Android device…

Perhaps someone else in the community can check too?

Hi @domhnallohanlon & @JackyC

I am having a similar problem with Android devices. In most cases, the loading screen shows perpetually (10 mins+). However, after closing the app, restarting the device multiple times occasionally a code will show. I have also tried updating Thunkable Live AND removing and reinstalling the app.

This is problematic as we are using the app in an educational context when students do not have access to a gmail account.

For reference, testing on an iOS device works perfectly.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi @johnhuar, I am having similar issues with my phone. I use the iPhone 11 and the most up to date companion app. Sometimes I request the code and enter it on the site 4X before my app loads. Sometimes, no code will appear and I must do what you are talking about.

I can’t reliably reproduce this otherwise I would post onto the Github. I wonder if other users are experiencing this still?

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Hi @johnhuar,

Apologies for the inconvenience in relation to this. I think someone took a look at this recently so I’ll check in and see if anything was discovered.

In the meantime, as a potential workaround, is it possible to set up some generic email addresses to use? Are you teaching in s school that uses GSuite?


Hi @domhnallohanlon,

Thanks for investigating. Much appreciated. I assume you mean gmail rather than genetic :wink:

We unfortunately do not as we are a holiday coding club. We have asked the kids to bring their own devices on previous workshops but this is often time-consuming as they often do not have access to the device needed for 2-factor authentication (often residing with an absent parent).


Good catch @johnhuar - I actually meant “generic” so I’ve edited my original post to reflect this.

What we used to do was have a some “spare” accounts for students that didn’t have their own, i.e., etc etc. We could then reuse them from semester to semester.

Something like this might work for you as a stop gap solution?

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Thanks @domhnallohanlon,

That is a good option. Only hastle is that gmail requires an active cell number and we can only register 3 accounts per sim card. But definitely a possibility in the meantime!

I think it used to be a little higher than that, but I do definitely remember having to borrow phones from a couple of colleagues. :joy:

The best case scenario would be to set up Google Apps for Education - would you qualify for this @johnhuar?

Hey @domhnallohanlon,

It is unfortunately a negative on the Google Apps for Education - that would be perfect. We managed to set up a number of accounts with colleagues phones as you suggest. However, this created some chaos as the Google Algorithm occasionally asks for confirmation via a verification code leaving us scrambling to locate the original phone and it’s owner.

I think the email sign in feature would be a helpful function to get working :slight_smile: