Why my live test in ios, not Live ? How can i refresh for Live test?

If I log in to thunkable using my google account it works as expected but logging in this way has created a new thunkable account with no conection to my existing account with all my projects in.
I log in to my existing account with an email address and this way the live-app does not work.

Understood. Thanks for those details. I will add that into my notes to the dev team to check out.

Just noticed the live-App has had an update (9thNov v430-3)
Tested this version and can confirm the same issue still exists.

A fix for this issue should be coming out this week with v431.

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Any news?
desperate to continue working.

I apologize for the delay. We ran into some issues with the fix during QA. It was affecting other parts of the Platform. Our team is working on getting those issues resolved. I don’t have a timeline currently for when that will be.

Android has same issue

Yes, this issue would affect both iOS and Android.

Any news

Me too in iOS. I’m constantly force quitting Thunkable Live to see updated changes in my blocks.

Our dev team has compiled several issues users are seeing with the Thunkable Live app and we’re working toward releasing a fix for all of these issues ASAP. I don’t have an exact date yet. I know it’s inconvenient for the time being so we appreciate your patience!

Just downloaded the latest update v433-2 and can confirm this issue still exists.

Just to be clear, I did not say those changes would be included in v433-2.

For me (I have a Samsung Galaxy A13 and use my google account), it changes live while I edit it, but when my phone screen turns off (or if I exit the Live app, but keep it open in the background while I use another app), and then I turn it back on, it no longer changes live when I edit. I have to close my Live app, and then re-open it, and then it changes live when I edit it, but if my phone’s screen turns off (or if I leave it in the background), then it happens again! Any explanation? (It might be on my end, but I’m not 100% sure)

This is the difficulty our dev team is facing in trying to fix these issues. It can be device and browser dependent as well. I had noticed on my iPhone that everything works fine, changes are shown relatively quickly after I make them in my project. @tatiang noted for him, the changes never occurred when viewing on iOS.

But I do appreciate you sending over specific device info and the behavior you are seeing, that is very helpful!

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This seams to tie in with what we have already deducted that if you login with your google account all works fine, if you login with email account the live app does not update.

After any issues are found in the code itself, the QA team will test all of the different ways to login and ensure that each one does show the project and update in the Thunkable Live app.

I would also like to point out that for me, the “refresh” button in web preview doesn’t work, I have to refresh the actual page for the updates to come into my app while I’m editing. It’s not a huge issue, but it’s like the blue “refresh” button has no purpose.