[Resolved] Thunkable Live - refreshing too much!

In Thunkable Live, the app refreshes when we are editing blocks or tinkering with the design, but today it seems to be especially “responsive”. Despite not editing the app, it feels like it is constantly refreshing. When I clear all data on the device and reopen it, the app seems more stable.

Furthermore, when we press the “live test” button, we usually see the app quickly refreshing in the device or emulator and the pop-up in the web designer closing: this isn’t the case today.

I’m not noticing this in Thunkable Live. It’s working normally with the iPhone screen refreshing once and the alert disappearing from the browser quickly.

What version of Thunkable Live are you using on what type of device? I’m running version 309 on an iPhone 11.

I have been working on an android and iOS app all day and I’m not experiencing these issues. Can you tell me more about the platform that you’re using in the devices that you’re testing on?

Right now this is not an issue anymore. I’m using BlueStacks emulator and a Xiaomi phone. I don’t know what happened in the morning, maybe some sort of network issue… for now we can close this subject.

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