Live Test: Any code change causes phone App to refresh at least 3 times [Aug 2022]

It seems that if I change any code code during a “Live test”, that the App on the phone will refresh at least 3 times after some delay and before I can use it properly.
This is hugely irritating. I’ll make a change to the code and understandably, I’ll wait for it to “redeploy”.
When the screen refreshes and goes back to the “Home” page I start my testing again
Midway through the process of entering data, it refreshes again, and I start entering it all again…
Midway through the process of entering data, it refreshes again, and I start entering it all again…
Midway through the process of entering data, it refreshes again, and I start entering it all again…

You get the picture. Please resolve this before I go mental…

Because you don’t have a “save” button to redeploy on server changes made, Thinkable is auto saving. At least for me, on Android, if I make a simple change, like changing a value or something like that, it only takes 1 time to refresh Live App. But if you change more things at once, those changes are continually submitted to the cloud, so multiple time refresh is expected. To get rid of those annoying refreshes, just close Thinkable Live, wait few secs and open it. That solves my problem when it comes to multiple changes to my code.

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Even one minor change causes multiple refreshes. This is not really sustainable…

Never happened to me… But I’m on android, and have a very good internet connection… Saying this, It’s obviously not a Thunkable issue (at least for Android), but a connection issue… or something to do with iOS…

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Hey Tony

Can you tell me a little bit more about your operating system? Do you have any other browsers that you can try working on your project in?

What browser are you using? What’s your internet speed on computer and on device?

There should only be one or maybe two changes after you make a single change in your project. They should happen relatively soon after the change. After those if you don’t change anything else in your project then your preview should not change either.

Are you indicating that you experience refreshes after you’ve completed making changes? If so how long after your last change is it refreshing and how many of these phantom refreshes occur after your last change.

I’m also wondering if you’re hitting the “preview”. button more than once?

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I’m using Android and MS Edge Browser. I am also using a Mobile data connection which is OK but not very fast. And the multiple refreshes also chew up my data very quickly! Not ideal. Even after one change it seems to refresh around 3 times, every 5 seconds or so, and then stabilises. Those of you in the States, for example, on fast connections probably don’t even notice… I’m not that fortunate …
So it’s not a connection issue per se, it’s just more noticeable on a slower connection…
So, it is a Thunkable issue in my opinion.
I only hit the preview once.
Yes, I could also stop and start the preview but it would be a whole lot easier if Thunkable could provide a QR code to scan, rather than having to type in a cumbersome code every time.

So the ideal would be the ability to pause live updates and only update when you press the button. Does that sound fairly accurate for you?

Also, scanning a qr would be nicer/smoother than using the code.

both of. these are noted and added to our feature request board!

I don’t experience this at all. I experience a change after pretty much any changes that I make that are not within 100 milliseconds of each other. So if i make 3 small changes, i expect 3 refreshes. I can imagine the live updating eating your data plan, for sure. Then if i hit live preview, i actually expect 4 refreshes.

In your case, due to your slower internet connection which I am pegging as the culprit here, I would suggest you work on a wifi connection if it’s available OR you close the preview app while building and only test after a series of changes. This way you can avoid the ‘hot loads’ and only load once. make no changes while testing. note whatt changes need to occur, then go back and make your edits.

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Hi Jared
Thanks for your follow up.
Yes, a Pause Live Updates option as well as a QR Code would be great!

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The constant refresh after changes, whilst live testing, is driving me mental. A refresh for every single change?? As mentioned I’m using Mobile Data and it visibly refreshes a dozen, or so, times over a period of 30 seconds before I can use the App again! Apart from the enhancements mentioned above, can’t you also please “batch” the changes? It doesn’t make sense to refresh and re-upload all of the code to the phone every second? Why not only do this every 15 seconds or more? In this way there will be less uploads all the time and more changes included in one upload and less annoying refreshes when you think it’s ok to try again

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Hey there @tonyb2 I’ve added these feature requests. :slight_smile:

So, I experienced this a tiny bit over last week when i was on vacation in norther Michigan where cell service was 0 and i was using a very slow Hughes Net connection. I found it easiest to exit the tested app by hitting the back button in the companion app to see my list of apps. then make changes to my project. then when I was ready to see the changes, click the “live preview” button in the browser as this opens the app on the companion when you are on the list of projects.