Testing with Thunkable Live app

So frustrated with the speed of Live test and when making changes to my app. The only way to update/refresh live test is to close it and reopen. This takes about 3 minutes each time. Also every change goes back to the server so if you have many simple changes to make it takes hours. Tried Geny Motion also just to be sure it wasnt just my phone. With todays technology this is not acceptable. Doing App updates takes forever.
How about installing an update/refresh button that the developers can control and update their changes when they are ready. Turn off the auto refresh

Try using Bluestacks for rough testing of the app.

The update button is not possible because every change needs to be forwarded for the system to work correctly.

Since you didn’t show your project, I believe that it can be optimized and remove a large number of repetitive and unnecessary blocks, components and screens. There are also other ways to speed up work with Thunkable X, which were discussed in the forum.

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Thanks for the reply. The app is fast , it is only when making changes

There is a problem with slow update changes. There is no way to fix it yet.

Going to drop a reply here as I am expiriencing a similar issue.

I have quite a large project though live companion does not update without restarting the app and reinitiating the live test connection using the 6-digit code (I do not use Google to sign in).

Seems to work fine for smaller projects. Is there a limit for the companion app that it can handle, or is this potentially related to using an email code to sign in?


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I find after my changes I add a dot to a field name, move off the field, go back and take the dot out. It seems to save quicker on a field name change… Maybe I am dreaming…lol

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