Live test refresh too slow

Sometimes I make changes and I have to stop the Live test android app and start several time to have the last changes.

Its normal that?

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Hi, @itcare.desarrollosiw! :wave:

I also encounter this bug in the Live App, on my Galaxy A50, Android 9.

What I do -

  • I completely close the app.
  • re-open it, select my project.
  • Then I move forward.

This is some sort of bug, but it’s not a big bug. Above is a work-around, which faster than waiting for the app to respond.

Thanks! :blush:

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All that makes Kartik I’m doing in Bluestackes 4, which allows even faster to update app in Live.

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In android go to settings->Apps and notifications->Thunkable-Force Stop and acept
Reopen it and sometimes keep a long time like this:

Its a new phone that I use only for debuging with NO CHIP only wifi connection

same on iOS - often changes will not take effect at all until I force close and restart the app :confused: