Has the Thunkable Live testing app slowed down?


Has anyone experienced a slowing of the changes to be seen in the preview of the app?

My Thunkable app is updated, the device is new and powerful, the browser is clear and updated.

Thank you.

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I have noticed a slowdown in the speed that the live companion updates, primarily for the iOS devices. I find myself needing to be logged in, but a recent update has helped with this and I get auto logged in to the companion app most of the time.

Thank you for your answer.

Yes, it is about iOS.
I have spend to much time to see if a button it is in the right place…
And as I said, my Thunkable App it is up to date…

one suggestion may be to download an android emulator like Bluestacks. This is free and allows me to see my updates faster. I too use an iPhone and struggle with the update time. But we must remember we are not using React Native directly nor are we actually builiding on our computers

in essence:
we run a virutual machine
from our own coputer
on a thunkable server
we build with blocks on our computer
this gets sent to their server
this is translated into react native
this is built instantly
this is transmitted back to your phone in the form of a full fledged working app

this takes time

each time a change is made(or shortly after a few changes) this process restarts meaning a new build, new data transmissions, etc. THis is a lot of bandwidth and a lot of delay due to building and restarting builds etc.

this doesn’t fix your issue, but i hope it sheds light on the struggle that we all face.

I am learning flutter. Even with flutter sometimes an update can take 20 seconds to realize on my own device after an update within the app code (even with hot reloads an app must be completely rebuilt) and I am using a relatively fast MacBook.

Thank you again.
I will test Bluestacks.

Thank you.

Hey @io.nut.ilie :wave: great to hear from you again.

Well, in a way, it is.

If you think about the time taken to build your app, download it to your device, install it on your device and test it this whole process could take up to 10 minutes some times.

If live testing takes 1 or 2 minutes to build and display your updates then you are still saving somewhere in the region of maybe 3 - 8 minutes per test.

Can you tell us a little more about your testing process - do you have you phone plugged in, with the screen on so that you can preview in real time, or are you switching back and forth between your browser, working for a few minutes, switching back your phone and starting a new test?

Finally, the current version is v183, we’re updating the Android version almost once a week at this stage. Can you make sure you’re using the most up to date version. Thanks

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Thank you @domhnallohanlon for your reply.

Yes, in a way it is. But I have no expertise to put that process in the discussion.

I have tested now also Bluestacks but it shows the elements not so accurate (3 exactly identical elements are in Bluestacks with different size…).

I am switching back and forth between phone and browser.

Well… your title says “Basic of the basic…” I wasn’t sure what your question was tbh. I’ve changed the title for you now to make it a little clearer to other readers.

Also what version are you currently running?


Are you referring to the app only updating once you stop dragging blocks / editing labels etc?

Otherwise I don’t think I’ve noticed any slow downs, though I am not doing any major projects right now.

I am yet to experience an issue like this. How is your internet connection?

Web preview works fine as a beta user, though as you can see from the list of supported components, the new data viewer is yet to be supported :slight_smile:

iPhone running iOS 13.3.1

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Thank you for your reply @domhnallohanlon
I am not using Android…

idk what the trigger is. Seems like the system waits to see if you stop editing for a few seconds. then sends the update and if you start more updates, it waits to send the next. (i think)

@Deluxe has mentioned a way to view the transmission status of updates as they are transmitted via the console. I have been using this recently to see how data moves. I’d recommend looking into this and seeing if perhaps this process is taking a long time on your end.

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Thank you @eoinparkinson.
I have 13.3.1 and the Thunkable app it is to the last version form the store.
The internet connection it is powerful.

There is no slow process on the Blocks side.

Jared this is exactly what I mean. I believe this is to help reduce slow down “lag” in the entire process of live preview. There is no point trying to live preview someone typing text, waste of compute power. I don’t think this is an issue, but more of a good feature.

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Hi @io.nut.ilie,

does your issue sound like this?

Hi @eoinparkinson.
Not exactly.

In my case I am making a change and I want to see if the layout (UI) it is ok.


If you want to share a link and I will duplicate the project and try out live test here?

So, I have remove myself from a beta testing group and the preview has a much better speed.


You can request to get access to the group without being apart of the beta program. I am sure that would be okay but don’t quote me on it :slight_smile:

Thank you @eoinparkinson !
It was a basic app.


Maybe so? This could be specific to you or unspecific to just me, though I have quite a large app with many screens and blocks, and it completely manageable. There is of course this “lag” that everyone is on about but it’s not a game changer. Of course that’s not an excuse to have it, but I think you understand me :slight_smile: