Thunkable randomly refreshes and deletes my changes

I looked for other posts like this and didn’t see any but I have been having an issue all day today where I make a bunch of edits and I wait for it to update in the live app and all of a sudden the webpage refreshes and all of the work I did that I was waiting for to save, is gone. I’m using chrome for the DnD interface on thunkable and thunkable live on iOS.

Anyone else have this issue?

I should also mention that every time after it refreshes, the banner that says it is outdated, hard refresh is always there. I hard refresh every time but the next time I make changes, it randomly refreshes more.

See this topic:

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Thank you @tatiang, but I am not having a white screen issue. The website refreshes at random for me and in the process, I lose most, if not, all changes.

I linked to that topic because I had some suggestions for what to do to protect your project code.

Your browser just refreshes itself? I work in IT and haven’t really heard of that. Can you explain a bit further? Are there any error messages? Does it happen at particular times/after particular actions?

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@tatiang, in the DnD interface, I noticed it takes a really long time to save and if I exit the page too early, my changes won’t save. So, I make sure to leave the page open for about 5ish minutes after to save. I also wait for the live app to refresh so I can test my changes. While I wait for the live app, sometimes after a few minutes it doesn’t refresh. Shortly after that, the website reloads and I lose my changes.

I noticed that it usually happens when I make a lot of changes around the same time. And I can’t do the suggestions in the post linked above because my work hasn’t saved yet so there is no point in duplicating the project if it hasn’t saved the changes yet.

So, yes the browser reloads on its own and I can’t figure out why. And yes, it only happens with thunkable.

Same with me. Very strange.

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It either may be an overload in the server, or thinkable needs to get a better server. Either way, my project is screwed.

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I had something like this but I thought it was due to the fact that I was working on the same project on several machines. I wasnt closing the project on one computer before starting on another. Once I added a bit of discipline the issue went away. Are you developing on multiple machines?

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No, I am not using multiple computers. I think I have the issue when I make too many changes in a short amount of time.

I’m still having this problem right now. Thunkable, any orientation? @jane @domhnallohanlon

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I haven’t experienced this yet today, but it was really bad yesterday.