Thunkable web refreshing over and over

This is so annoying I reported it on GitHub I reported on Thunkable live form I reported in community and there has been no update at all this is what I’m dealing with over and over I really can’t work at all
In case you cant see. I move block I don’t even add or remove or anything I just MOVE my blocks and it refreshes and unsave changes


what browser are you using?
is it up to date?
what system PC/MAC
Is your system up to date
Have you erased your cache/history recently?
Have you tried an alternative computer to test the platform?
Have you tried an alternative browser on your computer?

I have done everything it was working fine before and I mean during the first few days of block speed updates and then it started happening

I’m using chrome
Laptop is running Windows 10 with all updates
It’s Sony vaio
Yes I have tried hard reset many times but nothing

I ask because i have used this on my macbook and a desktop mac in the last couple days with 0 issues like you describe. I also use it on safari on my phone with no issues like you describe.

have you tried a different browser, like firefox/opera/yandex?

Do you experience issues like this with other sites? have you tried AI2 for comparison?

Let me download safari and I’ll update you in few minutes

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I downloaded Mozilla I downloaded safari (5.1.7) I downloaded brand new Microsoft edge none gave me refreshes like chrome did but none saved the changes either they all would unsave I had to move two blocks I couldn’t move either in chrome I was able to move one block in Mozilla but after that I wasn’t able to move second block in any browser. The reason you don’t see the error is maybe because your project is small on small projects it does not give me refreshes or unsaves changes but on bigger projects it does

The app I have been working in during the last week has well over 4,000 blocks. My primary app screen has 1700 currently and i have no issues with saving or these refresh issues you are experiencing. The refresh speed for the live companion app on my iPhone is annoying and the companion app on my iPad is slow. But i don’t have the save/refresh issues.

Then idk why I’m getting this issue