Recent work deletes when page is refreshed

I’ve got a problem with Thunkable X, and unfortunately it’s recurring. I will do a lot of coding on blocks, but this new work won’t show up on live testing or even when I build the iOS app on my phone. Then, if I refresh the page, all that work will delete. It’s really annoying, please help!

In other browsers does spontaneous page refresh also occur? If so, I recommend that you make frequent copies of the project, and also make another account for the storage of intermediate debugged projects.


I had this problem too. I lost a lot of work. The warning sign is when the app does not change even though it refreshes in the live test on Android. It reloads the code that is in the browser “buffer” but not what is coded on the screen. This is not good.

I agree! If anyone can provide a set of steps that will reliably re-create the problem it would help us in diagnosing and fixing it.


I had this on an app.
I had multiple pages and lots and lots of blocks per page.
I kept adding pages but nothing would save permanently.

I found a more efficient set of blocks in may pages (thus reducing my overall blocks)
I found after this, I was able to get more pages actually saving

The next time anyone sees this problem, could you see if there are any errors in the browser console. That might help us diagnose the problem.

Thanks in advance.