Changes you made may not be saved / refreshes screen

I’m getting extremely annoyed by doing a lot of work then getting an error and when I reload everything is gone ! Such a waste of effort and time I have to do same things over and over and not getting it saved this is very annoying issue

Hi, @farhanlatif027i3df! :wave:

AFAIK, this error was solved by the Staff a few days ago only.
I do not encounter this error anymore - even not when I make a lot blocks in short time :man_shrugging:

Can you please let us know your browser details?

Thanks! :blush:

I’m using chrome. If I delete a screen with blocks then it works I tried this few times and it worked but now I’m at a point where I have no extra screen left to delete I even did hard browser reset by ALT+F5 many times but doesn’t work

I have also been experiencing a little bit of this over the last 12 hours. It’s real weird and infrequent. I may make 2 changes and it only saves 1. I’m waiting it out another day before going HAM on the admins :wink: (i wouldn’t actually go HAM on anyone)

If there is an issue it needs to be addressed no body is going ham on anybody : p