Anyone else with saving problems?

No I cant seem to save the project. I dont even move or change anything in the blocks. Does anyone else have this problem. I get the error message in top right corner everytime i try so save the project. “There was a problem saving your changes
Please move one of your blocks to initate saving again.”
Damn it is frustrating. Everytime i do something in when block “Laaneapp Opens” it crashes. If I delete one or severel block it crashes and wont save the blocks.
Cant I have a make variable in a open screen???

I also get this error. Is there something wrong with Tunakble Server or WHAAAAAT

I would suggest a hard refresh. Here is a link from @domhnallohanlon showing how to do so

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I have trues that. I have rebootet computer. Deleted cache and cookies.
Treys almost everything. But still I can’t even move a block.
But the speed of the screen is much faster now. The live test app is also crashing.

Same problem here


I think your issues might be related to some problems caused by recent platform changes: Thunkable X Blocks Update - Your feedback

Have you already tried to wait 1-2 seconds between your block movements / leaving the current site?

Best, Chris

I have tried it yes. Works better but still a lot of times it don’t save.

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