X.thunkable.com not saving blocks

In my account and many of my students, the blocks are not saved when we change them, no matter how long we wait. The apps are very small so it’s not a size issue. We have also tried moving “event” blocks as sugested.


Hi @mrbartucz welcome to the Thunkable Community!

Sorry to hear you were experiencing an issue with this and thanks for sharing you sample project with us.

I’ve cloned a copy of the and I’m unable to reproduce your error.
I’ve tried switching between screens, switching between blocks/designer and refreshing the project but the blocks are persistent for me.

Is everyone using separate email addresses? Are there any issues with Wi-Fi/school network?

Thanks for the quick response! We are all on wired connections. About 1/3 of the students were having this issue and the rest weren’t. I also had this issue at home last night, so I don’t think it’s a network problem.

Literally, in that project if I drag the random block into the initialize block. Then click on the Design Tab and back to the Blocks tab, it does not remember that those blocks were together.

Searching the history of the community, it looks like this is a recurring problem. Is there no known solution?


No problem John. Ok, are your students all using the same browser? Do you have the same set up at home and at work? (Just trying to eliminate as many variables as possible)

Actually one more thing, when you say “as suggested” is there a specific piece of documentation or tutorial that you are referring to?

All my students are using Chrome. I use Chrome on a Mac as opposed to all PCs in the classroom.

One of the suggested things to try by a mod in a previous thread suggested moving an event block because that was supposed to force a save.

Just out of curiosity, why is there not a save button or a “force save right now” button? It would make debugging problems like this a lot easier…


I had about 5 of my students email the help address today with links to their projects. Hopefully that will help debug.

I would really like to help you fix this, so please let me know how I can be of assistance. I’m happy to edit my app at a specific time while someone is watching logs, etc.

I would much rather not have all my classes go back to AppInventor next semester because so many kids have iPhones.


Hi John,

Hmm…it seems like you found a bug. For now, don’t put the random block inside the variable initialization block. I’m guessing that’s what’s causing your problem.

Any changes after putting the random block in the variable initialization block won’t be saved. I’ll look into a fix.

That’s great to hear! I’ll come up with something different for the students to do in the meantime.


Hi, we are experiencing the same issue. We assigned some values to the variables and when we change screens they are not saved. We already tried moving the blocks around, recreating the block, waiting some time and nothing works, having only one session active. Any help is really appreciate it. I’m using Chrome in Mac and student Edge.

This is the project URL (its private): https://x.thunkable.com/projects/5c8d7a94d88796169d600dd1/openProject/designer

The issue is in

The second assign value to a variable should be app name instead of app image, we are experiencing same issue in this one:



We are still having the same issue as well. Out of about 60 students per semester, 5 or 6 completely lose their work every time. I’ve asked them all to email thunkable support with their project URLs. I don’t know how many have.

Thank you for letting me know. So that means you haven’t find a solution so far? :frowning:

no we haven’t. I keep hoping that Thunkable will fix the problem, but they need to know how many users are having the problem to make it a priority and which projects they are so they can look at them.

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I found a way to fix it, we used objects instead of variables. Hope that helps your students. =)

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I also have this problem. Please help me ! :frowning_face: :worried:

just see this pic by clicking this URL you will get one image and you will see my problem what I am facing so help me

@ganiket0987vzsw - this warning is to make sure you don’t loose any of your work.

If you wait for 2 or 3 seconds your work will be saved and you won’t see the message when you move between screens/activities.

Hope that helps!

changes not saving at all(

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Found the reason - if i put *

  • this simbols - IDE dont save anything
    (symbols in hex : 0x01 ;0x02 ; 0x03