Thunkable website going blank


I am having problems with the Thunkable website - as I make changes to my project in either blocks or design, the screen freezes, goes white and then reloads, losing the most recent changes I have made. Sometimes, a few minutes worth of work is lost each time it does this. I am using the traditional interface, not drag and drop.

This problem has become more pronounced over the last week or so especially in the mornings/early afternoons (I am based in Asia, so 7 hours ahead of British Summer Time).

I have tried clearing my cache and using different browsers (Chrome and Safari). The problem is especially noticeable on Chrome, where also the lag between changes to my project do not reflect on the Thunkable live app for minutes, or not at all.

Is there something in my settings I should change, or is this an issue with the Thunkable servers?


Hi @slothball,

Sorry to hear about this. I spent quite a bit of time on the platform yesterday and didn’t encounter any of the old 500 errors (we’ve put a lot of work into reducing the number of these recently) but that being said, I’m in a different continent, with a different set up etc so hopefully we can figure out what’s going on here!

Does this only happen with one project or does it happen with all your Thunkable projects?

If you check your browser console, are there any warnings or error messages?

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Hi - there seem to be a few issues.

It doesn’t matter which project I am working on - I get the same blank screen. I have also tried it on two different computers.

The white screen seems to happen especially when in design mode and I delete or duplicate a component.

I am also getting the following strange behaviours:

  • when setting a component to ‘relative’ size, when I try to change any other variable (e.g. padding or margin) it immediately focuses back to the percentage relative size. (I remember this used to happen many months ago but was then fixed).

  • when inserting a new text input box, it does not draw the box correctly on the preview (but draws it correctly on the thunkable live app), e.g. the text is not centred if I select centred text

  • a new text input box in the advanced settings it sets the border bottom colour to #363636 which cannot be cleared (only changed to another colour). See attached picture (all settings are the default ones when the text box is created).

In the browser console (Safari, but not Chrome) I am getting the following error:

“The source list for Content Security Policy directive ‘script-src’ contains an invalid source: ‘‘strict-dynamic’’. It will be ignored.”

For both Chrome and Safari I get the following:

“Intercom Messenger warning: Your Identity Verification user_hash is invalid. Check that you are generating the user_hash with your user’s email and your app’s secret key.”

In Chrome it then gives me a reference to “frame-modern.f4b23b0e.js:1”.

Unfortunately, I am not familiar at all with these consoles so I don’t know if these messages are relevant. Any help gratefully received.


Hi @domhnallohanlon - I was wondering if you had any other thoughts on this? I am still facing the same problems.

I’m seeing this issue as of tonight, also. While using the drag-and-drop interface, the screen will flash white and I’ll lose a few minutes of work. It’s most often happening when I’m uploading a new image but it does happen at other times as well.


I have been having this issue for about a week and a half or so. Like @slothball, it is usually when I am on the designer, especially when relating components.

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Same issue here. I am unable to add/delete components, as the page refreshes and I loose all of the changes.

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Just checking here - do you have multiple tabs with Thunkable site loaded?


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Hi there,

Only one page.

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Ive been having this issue today on x.Thunkable.con/projects

And a similar issue trying to log into the community on mobile but this isn’t an issue today. I could see the forum when not logged in though.

Just odd shit going on. Couldn’t open yesterday but could go to it through link clicking. Probably just my device but wanted to chime in. I’ll keep testing.


Yes, I had two different projects open in different tabs. Chrome Version 91.0.4472.164 (Official Build) (x86_64) running on OS X 10.15.7.

I just closed one to see if that helps.


Hi - also only using one tab.

One tab for me as well.

I have had the same problem for a week. It all started when they updated the web viewer and since I have problems with the web viewer, I also have this problem that every time I deleted an invisible component or a row, 1 minute passes and the screen goes blank and returns the changes to me. In the same way I tried it in 3 browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox) and it presented the problem in all 3. In the same way I did the test in 2 different computers.


We have expanded our server capacity and applied a potential fix for the issue you are facing.

Can you please try again? Please let us know if there is any feedback.



Hi Wei - the problems have stopped for me. All seems to be working fine now. Thanks!


Thank you very much, now everything works perfectly. I really thank you very much.
Thanks Thunkable Staff


Hi @wei

Unfortunately, the same blank screen problem has re-surfaced today when deleting components in the design mode.

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This happens to me a lot too (especially if it’s a large project). Try to just delete one at a time.

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