Screen goes white when previewing project on the web

Hello… the Thunkable website is still acting up. I’m able to open Thunkable and use my app now, but as soon as I go to the next page in my app, the whole website just freezes. I would appreciate if someone such as @tatiang or @domhnallohanlon can help me.

Thanks, R.S.

I don’t work for Thunkable but I’m happy to help if I can.

Can you provide more details about what you mean by the project page freezing? Is it all white? Is this the Design tab, Blocks tab or browser preview?

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Hi there,

Are you able to open and work on a project?
Are you able to preview a project on the web?
Are you able to open the Thunkable Live app and live test a project?

If the answer to any of these is no, could you tell me what happens when you try to do so?

Thanks @jane and @tatiang for responding.

To answer @tatiang : When I preview test my project, everything goes great until I’m trying to go to the third screen. The preview becomes purple, and it automatically kicks me back to the first screen.

To answer @jane : I was able to open just yesterday, but my screen goes white when I try to open it today. I am able to preview the project on the web, but when I get to the third screen of my project, the preview turns purple and kicks me back to the first screen.


It sounds like you have blocks on the third screen causing a crash. You can share a link to your project or at least screenshots of those blocks and we can see if we can help you.

I would send screenshots, but when I open Thunkable, my screen freezes, nothing loads, and the page is plain white. I tried to reload it multiple times, but this seems to be a frequent problem for the past few weeks.

And what happens if you clear the browser cache and try again?

Hi there,

In addition to tatiang’s comment, you can also try a hard refresh in the browser.

Once you can see your project again, please show us the blocks from the screen that crashes.

I’ve just renamed this topic so that it’s easier to reference in the future.