Resetting Thunkable Live

For me, the Thunkable Live app is a bit of a guessing game. I’m always trying to figure out what combination of steps to take to get a preview of my project.

Do I open the Thunkable Live app and then click the “Live Test” button on the website? Do I click “Live Test” and then open the Thunkable Live app?

I also find that I often have to force-quit Thunkable Live and re-open it or it won’t preview the latest version of the project.

With the newest version (224-1), if I preview an app and get a white screen, I have to uninstall and reinstall the Thunkable Live app to get it to preview correctly again. Force-quitting the app doesn’t work. And actually, I just reinstalled it and I’m still getting the white screen even without open on a web browser. To be clear: I uninstalled Thunkable Live, reinstalled it, opened the app – without doing any live testing at all – and it opened on my phone to a blank white screen without any buttons or any way to close it.

On a separate note, is there a way to clean out some of the previewed projects in the Thunkable Live app? Is there a way to sort projects (by name, by date modified)?


While I don’t think all of the problems I described are due to this… the white screen while previewing was due to a custom data list viewer mapping. If I remove the field mappings on the Design tab, it no longer shows a blank screen when previewing.

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