Live testing white screen

Ive been trying to use Thunkable Live (for thunkable X) and I get a white screen when I use screen one. When I switch to screen 2 it works fine and shows everything. I searched and didnt see any good answers. Anyone have any ideas one what to try?

Hi there. Do you have a navigator added to your app? Sometimes that makes the screen white.

18/09/2018 and still with white screen problem

Hello, I am having this same problem. It worked fine until a few weeks ago and the live app doesn’t seem to do anything except a white screen.

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Hi, @looovelee! :wave:

This happens a lot to me,

So I try the following, and it’s becomes good again :smile: -

  • Un-install & Re-install the Thunkable Live App, and sign in again. (with google)

  • Go to Settings :arrow_right: Apps :arrow_right: Thunkable Live :arrow_right: Clear Storage.
    After this, sign in again. (with google)

  • Check in play-store for updates.

That’s all I got, should work for you :wink:

Thanks! :blush:

Thank you! Unfortunately I am still getting the same thing? :scream:

I discovered the problem - someone connected the app “Toggl” to my account (no idea how they did that)… as soon as I deleted this off my dashboard, I could open my app again. Was it spam? :sweat_smile:

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@looovelee, that’s one of our sample apps - did you remix it from #thunkable-cross-tutorials?

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Nope, I never touched it. :upside_down_face:

If you clicked on the link in this post you will also have a copy of Toggl in your projects?