I have a proble with app live


Today download the thunkable live app version 101 of date 19-sept-2019, in my smartphone android 7.1.1

When I entry with my google count show quikly a menu and then the white screen… I delay for too much time and this screen no change and I can not try my apps

What Happens?

I must be in thunkable web and thunkable app simultaneously both?

Is necessary too much fisical memory (SD) or how much fesical memory is necessary for good operation of live app?


Hey @Profe_Luis,

I don’t think it’s an issue with Thunkable Live, sounds more like Screen component itself.

Are you using any navigators in your app? Drawer, tab, etc?

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Hi, @Profe_Luis! :wave:

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I just answered a similar question yesterday, in which I stated some work-arounds for this -

Hope I helped you :smile:
Thanks! :blush:

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