Thunkable version 147 white screen phone

I can’t use Thunkable Live on my phone. Appears a white screen. I have uninstalled it and reinstall but it doesn`t work.

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I’m guessing you’re on Android @fernan_app_2000?

The current version number is 148 so can you try updating and see if that works for you?


It’s the same.
I have uninstall the 147 and install 148
Appears screens authentication (use Google) then appears configuration, and white screen authomatically the first time.
Afterwords goes directly to white screen

I too have been having a very unstable live app since going to version 148. It frequently goes to a white screen as noted here and also it abends. Just moving something on the editor triggers this unstable behaviour.

Just a note. I’m on Android - OnePlus 3 handset

The problem is now solved
It works fine

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Thanks for the update @fernan_app_2000 !

Hope your Thunkable projects are progressing well, feel free to share any updates in the community.