Mobile test blank screen

Hi, I’m trying to login to my Thunkable live app on Android. However, it always display a white screen. Restarted a few times, still the same. How dip you resolve this, attached?

Hi there,
I have no idea,sometimes I test actech UI app.That’s showing the white screen.However,I tried to test my app.It’s work great.
Emm…Have you ever try to copy once your project and try to test that was copied?

I’m having the same issue with an app I downloaded on iOS 12.4. I had been using the app for months and it suddenly stopped working. So, I logged into Thunkable and redownloaded it only to get a blank screen after the initial Thunkable logo splash screen. Wazzup???

I confirm this. I very often get a white screen for 100% of my running iOS apps. Sometimes it’s so annoying that I turn off iOS and work only with Android.

Do you have a white screen at what level of Wi-Fi signal reception? If the signal quality is excellent, then the problem is with Thunakbel, if it is low (one band), then the problem is in poor communication.

The data exchange between the IDE and Live produces simply huge traffic and in case of poor Wi-Fi quality, white screens will appear very often.

I cannot go through your actech UI app with Android.

What application are you talking about? Can you give me a link to it?

actech UI

You do not need to use this old application. Here is the current version. If something doesn’t work in it, then tell me what happens - it crashes or doesn’t work on some screen of white screen.

This happens mostly if you have too many projects. Try to delete as many as you don’t need and check again