Thunkable Live iOS White Screen Problem - No QR Code Appears


I hope someone can help. I get a white screen on my phone when I launch the Thunkable Live app. the QR Code does not appear.

i know this has been asked before but I haven’t seen a solution posted.

Windows 8 Laptop
-Firefox 61.0.2 (Up to date)
iPhone 6S
-iOS 11.4.1 (Up to date)
-Thunkable Live version 45 from App Store
Both laptop and iPhone are on same WiFI network. (Not sure this is still necessary)

I’m following “Thunkable iOS App Tutorial #1 HOC”

Here’s what I’m doing and what I see.
  1. On Laptop: Go to
  2. On Laptop: Login with my existing google account
  3. On Laptop: At I click “Create New App”"
  4. On Laptop: Give the New Project the name “App 1 My First iOS App” and click “Create”
  5. On iPhone: Downloaded Thunkable Live from the App Store.
  6. On Laptop: Click “Live Test”
  7. On Laptop: Window appears saying " Please Login to your Thunkable mobile app"
  8. On iPhone: Open Thunkable Live on iPhone
  9. On iPhone: Sign in with same Google account I used in step 2 above
  10. On Laptop: Window closes that said “” Please Login to your Thunkable mobile app" immediately after I login to Thunkable app on iPhone.
  11. On Laptop: QR Code does not appear
  12. On iPhone: Thunkable Live app shows White Screen

Tried to launch “Live Test” with Google Chrome Version 68.0.3440.106 on same Laptop and got the same problem.

Any help would be appreciated.


Yes, please I am having the same problem on the Thunkable Live app on my phone.

It always worked, but recently stopped and just get a white screen without any other options.

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Hi there,

Does your iOS device run iOS 13?

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I discovered the problem - someone connected the app “Toggl” to my account (no idea how they did that)… as soon as I deleted this off my dashboard, I could open my app again. Was it spam?