En cuanto abro Thunkable la pantalla se pone en blanco

Abro la app y rápidamente muestra todos los proyectos, luego se pone en blanco y no me deja hacer nada. He intentado agitar el celular, volver a descargarla y nada.

Hi @Sofia_Ingigerth_Cana :wave:

Welcome to the Thunkable Community! Sorry to hear you are having issues with live testing your apps.

Are you using iOS or Android?

Hi :wave:t3:
I am using iOS

and does this affect all your projects or just the one?

Is the live testing app on your iPhone up to date?

I cant enter to any project, and I have my app up to date.
When I try to enter the app, it give me a white blank

What happens when you shake your phone? It should bring you back to a menu with all your projects.

It does not work either
This is what happens when I open the app and then it does not come out